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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第一百二十八条 法律对未成年人、老年人、残疾人、妇女、消费者等的民事权利保护有特别规定的,依照其规定。

Article 128
Where there are laws particularly providing for the protection of the civil-law rights of the minors, the elderly, the disabled, women, or the consumers, such provisions shall be followed.
  第一百二十九条 民事权利可以依据民事法律行为、事实行为、法律规定的事件或者法律规定的其他方式取得。

Article 129
Civil-law rights may be acquired through the performance of a civil juristic act, the occurrence of an act de facto, the occurrence of an event as provided by law, or by other means provided by law.

  第一百三十条 民事主体按照自己的意愿依法行使民事权利,不受干涉。

Article 130
The persons of the civil law enjoy their civil-law rights according to their own will and in accordance with law free from any interference.

  第一百三十一条 民事主体行使权利时,应当履行法律规定的和当事人约定的义务。

Article 131
While exercising civil-law rights, the persons of the civil law shall perform their obligations which are provided by law and agreed with the other parties.


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