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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第一百八十四条 因自愿实施紧急救助行为造成受助人损害的,救助人不承担民事责任。
Article 184
A person who voluntarily engages in rescuing another person in an emergency situation and thus causes harm to the latter person bears no civil liability.
  第一百八十五条 侵害英雄烈士等的姓名、肖像、名誉、荣誉,损害社会公共利益的,应当承担民事责任。
Article 185
A person who infringes upon the name, likeness, reputation, or honor of a hero or a martyr and thus harms the social public interests shall bear civil liability.
  第一百八十六条 因当事人一方的违约行为,损害对方人身权益、财产权益的,受损害方有权选择请求其承担违约责任或者侵权责任。
Article 186
Where a party’s breach of contract causes harm to the other party’s personal or proprietary rights and interests, the latter party may elect to request the former to bear liability either for breach of contract or for commission of tort.
  第一百八十七条 民事主体因同一行为应当承担民事责任、行政责任和刑事责任的,承担行政责任或者刑事责任不影响承担民事责任;民事主体的财产不足以支付的,优先用于承担民事责任。
Article 187
Where a person of the civil law has to concurrently bear civil, administrative, and criminal liabilities as a result of the same act performed by him, the assumption of administrative or criminal liabilities by the person may not affect the civil liability he should bear. If the assets of the person are insufficient to pay for all the liabilities, the civil liability shall be paid first.
  第九章 诉讼时效
Chapter IX
Limitation of Action
  第一百八十八条 向人民法院请求保护民事权利的诉讼时效期间为三年。法律另有规定的,依照其规定。
Article 188
The limitation period for a person to request the people’s court to protect his civil-law rights is three years, unless otherwise provided by law.
Unless otherwise provided by law, the limitation period begins from the date when the right holder knows or should have known that his right has been harmed and that who is the obligor. However, no protection to a right is to be granted by the people’s court if 20 years have lapsed since the date when the injury occurs, except that the people’s court may, upon request of the right holder, extend the limitation period under special circumstances.


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